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I Need Your Help: Road to Tennessee Quilt

I’ve started a new quilting project!

Very exciting to actually get started–I’ve spent so many hours over the past week or so thinking about different projects, and then when I finally FINALLY picked one out–then, there’s the math.  Ugh, the math.  I was actually all set to go on one quilt block, had the math all worked out and everything, and the morning I was going to start cutting fabric, I found another pattern that I wanted to do instead.

And I actually stuck with it!  The block is called Road to Tennessee.  It’s a vintage pattern BUT there are a few different ways I could put it together.

So: I need your help!  I loved playing around with the poll feature on WordPress for the blogiversary giveaway, so I thought it would be fun to get your opinions on how to put together this quilt.  First I’ll show you the choices in pictures, and then you can vote!  I am leaning toward a certain variation, but I can’t wait to see what you think!

First, this is the single block:

Pretty plain.  The fun comes when you start arranging the blocks together.  Put 4 together and you can make an X or an O (similar to a snowball block).

Either way, line up a bunch of X’s or O’s and you get the traditional Road to Tennessee layout.  Or, you can line them up in other ways… so here are the choices.

Choice #1: X’s and O’s (traditional layout)

Choice A: Traditional X's and O's

Choice #2: Medallion

Choice B: Medallion

Choice #5: Scrappy Stars (do you see them?  the light-colored triangles are the tips of the star)

Choice C: Scrappy Stars

See how it’s difficult for me to decide??  You can see in the pictures how joining the basic shapes can make new patterns… just arranging the blocks in slightly different ways changes the whole look.  When I actually put the quilt together, there will be more blocks (8 x 8 configuration = 64 blocks) & I will play around with the arrangement until I’m satisfied with the placement of colors.

So, please, help me out!!  How should I arrange my Road to Tennessee quilt blocks?

When it’s all put together, I’ll post the finished product and an explanation of the process.  Thanks!!

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