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The Amazing Baked Potato Bag

Have you ever heard of these things?  My Aunt Phyllis (of Treasure Box in the mail fame) has done it again!  Another fun care package arrived, filled with useful household items–magnets (with storage!), a plastic bag holder, two packs of playing cards (I’ve been playing Solitaire obsessively), and… The Amazing Baked Potato bag!

I’ve never seen one of these before, but you can find them all over the internet–now that I know to look!

Here’s what one looks like, from the website linked above:

Mine has a cute pattern, but I’m not sure where Aunt Phyllis got it from.  There are lots of tutorials online too, if you want to Google it.  Who knew?!

All you have to do is wet the potato(es), put the potato(es) in the bag, and microwave!

I tried it last night, and it worked!  Very handy!

A few little tips: after wetting the potatoes, wrap them individually in paper towels so the bag doesn’t get dirty (the bag is machine washable, though).  I microwaved it for 4 minutes, but it wasn’t quite done.  I let them sit for 3 minutes, then microwaved for another 3 minutes.

Voila, perfect baked potatoes!

(Image source)

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