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My Friend the Bag

The time has come… my reversal surgery is tomorrow!

My friend the Bag has been around for a while now… 68 days, to be exact… or 10 weeks, or 2 and a half months… however you want to put it!  But now it’s time to say goodbye… and I can’t say I’m too broken up about it!

Since coming home from the first surgery, the bag:

::emptied 5-7 times a day, 2 times a night

::leaked 12 times

::changed 22 times

:: exploded 1 time

:: was available with a few different options to experiment with, with good and bad results… one-piece or two-piece systems, with or without paste, barrier rings, powders and ointments for irritated skin

And during the bag’s stay, this is what I’ve done:

:: organized and decorated apartment (with Mom’s help!)

:: reduced photo albums, and digitilized prints (3 albums down, 3 to go)

:: pieced one quilt top

:: read 16 books

:: cross-stitched 3 Christmas ornaments

:: hosted my first blog giveaway  with quilted drink coasters

:: watched 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights, 3 seasons of Arrested Development, and 1 season of The IT Crowd

:: ate out at a restaurant 5 times

:: used approx. 12 tubs of baby wipes

:: worn 10 dresses in rotation (2 recently acquired)

:: blogged 43 times

:: spent lots of time with myself (I thought I would drive myself crazy, but I’ve discovered that I can entertain myself pretty well… a pleasant discovery!)

Mom is flying here to SF to stay again, and I’m hoping the surgery and recovery will be much easier this time around.  Maybe we will even be able to see some sights around the city, with my mobility restored.  I’m trying not to be nervous about the surgery and concentrate on the future, now that it is finally here.

Mostly, I am so ready to say, “Goodbye, Bag!”

7 thoughts on “My Friend the Bag

  1. YAY! I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow…

    Are you thinking of any creative ways to dispose of your “friend?” Despite all the “good times” you’ve shared, if I were you I’d be excited to burn it up. Or attach it to a firecracker. Or put it in a trash compacter or…hehe… mayhap I’m more violent than you? ;o)


  2. Ever since I’ve known you (almost your whole life) I’ve been impressed with how good you are at entertaining yourself. Give yourself I big pat on the back for using this challenging time so productively!


  3. Yippee! So glad you’re moving forward! And I KNOW you’re excited about getting your full mobility back. I gotta be honest though, the thought of your ex-friend exploding is a little bit terrifying…thanks for not including full details in any of those 43 blog posts! 😉


  4. Well, the road was a bit bumpier than expected…. waking up the morn of surgery with a temp of 100….and fighting fever during your 6 day hospital stay. But as always you muscled through and are now free of “the bag of troubles”. Amazing grace, that’s what it is, and who you are! Love, mama


  5. I hope you’re recovering well, Katie! Your blogger “friends” have been thinking of you – I know I’ve been sending you “good luck” vibes all week – you’ve been in my thoughts and prayers. Three cheers to you, your bravery, and no bag!!!!!!!


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