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Back at Home

Howdy, strangers!  It’s been a week since the reversal surgery, and I was discharged from the hospital on Monday.  Thanks for all the kind comments, texts, phone calls, and cards while I’ve been out of the blog world!  I’ve missed writing!

In case you’re wondering how it all went down surgery-wise, the big picture answer is: great!  There were a few little bumps along the way–I went in with UTI symptoms and a temperature of 100, which didn’t subside for a few days.  It also took a few days–five, in fact– to work up to solid food while my body was getting back into working condition.  And now, three days out of the hospital, I’m feeling pretty great!  A lot better than I’ve felt in a long time, and so liberated!  It’s amazing how free and normal it feels to exist sans bag!

I just wanted to say a quick hi, and assure you that I’m still here!  I’ll be back in full force next week, but for now I am enjoying some time with my Mom.  See you soon!

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