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The Sound of Home

I’m back!

Quick Life update: My Mom is here until Thursday, and I’m feeling better all the time after the second surgery.  The incision is still open, so I have to keep gauze taped to my stomach until it seals, which should take another 2-3 weeks.  I will also start a new medicine in the form of infusions in mid-October, which takes a few weeks of extra infusions until I can start the every-eight-weeks schedule.  Looking forward to that!

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying this time with my Mom here in SF!  We had a great weekend.  A Blues Festival set up right down the street from our apartment–what a fun taste of home!  I love festivals, fairs, carnivals, circuses, you name it, I’m there!  And this was no exception–there was music, food, and crafts, and a lovely cold breeze.  And a bit of drizzle.  But I’m learning to accept it!

Courtesy of Instagram, two quick snapshots of the Polk Street Blues Festival:

First band of the morning--by the end of the day, this place was packed!
Fair food never changes, wherever you may be 🙂

Tomorrow, more pics of our adventures in SF!

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