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City Sights: California Academy of Science Edition

Now that I’m feeling better, I can actually do some sight-seeing with Mom while she’s here.  So after the Blues Festival on Saturday, we decided to visit the California Academy of Science in the Golden Gate Park.  You know, that place with the grass on the roof.

Yeah, that place!

It was chilly and windy and rainy (I’m told this is common in SF… hm…) but it was a great day to spend inside a museum!  Apparently, that’s what a lot of folks with toddlers thought, too… (a quick aside… I may eat my words eventually, but right now I just do not see the point of taking a toddler or infant to a museum/theme park/etc…. it is just too expensive!  And the crying, oh the crying…. )

I won’t bore you with a minute-by-minute recap, but we (my Mom, Sam, and me) had a fun time!  There was a four-story Rainforest dome, with vegetation and animals at every level, a planetarium, and an aquarium.  Plus the living roof and the cafeteria.  PLUS the free observation deck at the De Young museum across the courtyard.

But I’ll stop writing now and let the pictures speak for themselves.  A few of the highlights from our visit:

First up, the obligatory pic in front of the fountain.  The very violent, phallic fountain…

Then, a view of the city from the observation deck at the deYoung museum.  A little overcast!

We did the Rainforest dome first.  Neato!  (And the temps were accurate too… whoo, I’ve been away from the South too long already–I was getting hot!)

Lots of interesting creatures.

Next came the Planetarium, but no pics allowed.  I wanted to scoop up all the kids I taught at the elementary school in MS and plop them right down in the planetarium to enjoy the show!  Not sure how much would go over their heads, but it was pretty awesome.

See that fake-looking alligator?  That would be Claude, the albino alligator mascot.  We thought he was fake, until he started swimming away!

The aquarium was really cool, too.  Our favorite part was the wall of fish–we sat mesmerized.

Every kid who walked into the room immediately started screaming, “Nemo!!  Dorry!!”

A little girl sat next to me and said, “You know what I think?  I think this is really cool!”

These two buddies were inseparable.

Look at this little guy.  He’s a garden eel!

A little creepy.  And look how long they can grow to be!

I really liked this tunnel too–it was under the Rainforest dome.

You could see the fish swimming overhead, and when you were in the Rainforest you could look down at all the people!

looking down from the rainforest

That’s all, folks!  More adventures tomorrow!

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