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Oh the Places You’ll Go… in California

Living on the West Coast opens up a whole new scope for sight-seeing that I’ve never had access to before.  I have no idea how long we’ll be here (a year?  ten?  A lifetime?) but I’m eager to see all I can while it lasts.  With that in mind, Mom and I booked a bus tour to visit Monterrey and Carmel-by-the-Sea (yes, that is the real name!  And it is as picturesque as you can possibly imagine.)

Beautiful scenery, plus some very famous sites–Cannery Row (as written about in the novel of the same name by Steinbeck) in Monterrey Bay, the 17-mile drive with the Restless Sea, Pebble golf course, Lone Cyprus, and the very picturesque Carmel-by-the-Sea with shopping and storybook houses galore.

The day was a little long (8 AM-9 PM) and the tour guide a little annoying, (I guess anyone who is paid to talk all day is bound to get a little… talkative… and stream-of-consciousness rarely leads to gems, although he certainly thought so) but the scenery was absolutely beautiful.  Not sure if I’ll ever visit again, unless I make friends with some billionaires who happen to have a house in the area, and then I will certainly take them up on their offer to visit.  I’m a good friend like that.  It would be nice to have neighbors like Clint Eastwood and Doris Day, wouldn’t it?  Although I hear that George Lopez is moving out due to “family problems”… hmm…

Again, I’ll let the pics speak for themselves:

beautiful Monterrey Bay
now if I were to be homeless... I would want to nap by the bay too
Cannery Row
View of the Pacific Ocean from the bus on the 17-Mile Drive


the Restless Sea
Seal Rock... covered with seals!
the Lone Cypress... probably the prettiest spot of the day
Jane Austen at Home... I knew Carmel-by-the-Sea was my kind of place!
As quaint as quaint can be... all the shops were adorable
beautiful Mission in Carmel

I’ve noticed that I seem to have a thing for photographing lone birds… here are a few:

which of these is not like the others... a tropical bird from the California Academy of Science!

Well, that was fun!  Tomorrow, Mom flies back to Alabama…. needless to say, tomorrow will be a sad day.  I’m already trying to think of things to keep me busy and distracted… Mom gave me the idea of finding the closest public library and getting a card.  Why didn’t I think of that before?  She’s just full of good ideas!

3 thoughts on “Oh the Places You’ll Go… in California

  1. So glad this recuperation was so much easier on you. Life without “the bag of troubles”…..I just wish it were over for you. I miss you terribly. Love, mama


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