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A Halloween Treat

While I’m taking a trip down Memory Lane and reminiscing about last year’s Halloween festivities, how about another Halloween treat from last year? The costumed kitties! Although we haven’t seen them since May, they are still alive and well.  Thriving, actually, with Sam’s grandparents in MS.  Cora is still her feisty self, although she’s bonded… Continue reading A Halloween Treat

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Perfectly Repurposed Side Table

Moving from a townhouse into a one bedroom apartment with less storage has been a bit of a space challenge.  We didn’t have rooms of furniture, but we sure did have a lot of stuff accumulated.  I’ve pretty much gotten the clutter under control, and found storage anywhere I can–artfully arranged in our two closets,… Continue reading Perfectly Repurposed Side Table

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Collage Therapy: Love and Reading

The stack of magazines was growing tall, some unread, some half-read, some from months ago–People, Whole Living, The Sun, O, Country Living, Marie Claire, Food Network–how did the list get so long?  Instead of throwing them away, I took my mom’s advice and made a collage.  Then another, and another.  Once all the images and… Continue reading Collage Therapy: Love and Reading

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We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt….

To get into the Halloween spirit, Sam and I went on a ghost tour, known as San Francisco’s Original Supernatural Adventure Walking tour on the website.  It’s fun to be new to the city and still able to appreciate all the touristy activities–in other words, we had a great time! The guide, Jim Fassbinder, is… Continue reading We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt….

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Field Trip: Golden Gate Valley Library

Another weekend field trip!  After checking out books from the SF Main Branch library, we decided to check out a different branch to return the books.  Instead of walking south, we headed north toward the Pacific Heights and Marina neighborhoods.  We stopped at an artisan burger place along the way (yum!  But expensive.) and admired… Continue reading Field Trip: Golden Gate Valley Library