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Signs of Fall: 2011

Before Mom left, we did some organizing around the apartment.  We collected my unused ostomy supplies to donate, reorganized extra supplies in the hall closet, and shifted unused clothes (work tops and bottoms, mostly, but also bathing suits and shorts–won’t be needing those around here any time soon!) from a suitcase in the hall closet to under-bed storage bins.  We also got out the “Fall” box.

It’s officially Fall, even though SF seasons are even wackier than in the South.  (If you don’t mind, let me take a minute to digress on this point: In MS, I could expect it to be hot 9 months out of the year, but around this time of year, I can rely on the weather to cool down a bit and be downright cold by Christmas.  Here… I just don’t know yet.  It was cold (not just chilly) when I arrived here in June, and it’s become steadily warmer… now it’s October, and the days are warmer than June!  Our apartment has no A/C, so we’ve bought fans for the living room and bedroom… the South has taught me to fear a hot room!  Ok, digression done.)

I bought and collected most of our little Fall and Halloween decorations for our place in MS over the past two years of marriage.  I’m not quite sure if everything really “fits” here, because there’s a lot less space for displaying–no mantel, no space on shelves or tables, no window sills, no door visible to the street, no outside space.

But here’s a peek at my little signs of Fall, and just for nostalgia’s sake, their old homes too:

2011: ghosty by the TV
2010: ghosty on the side table
2011: Spider pumpkin by the computer
2010: spider pumpkin on the porch
2011: gourd salt and pepper shakers on top of the "pantry" shelves
2010: gourd salt and pepper shakers by the stove
2011: black cat candy dish peeking out from behind the napkins
2010: black cat candy dish by the couch

Speaking of nostalgia, if I really wanted to dwell on memories, I could simply ask myself, “What’s changed in a year?”  Oh, nothing much, just my location, employment, health… the list could go on.  Now I realize I took for granted our cozy little townhouse, with enough space to display some of our wedding gifts, a porch to enjoy the outdoors, the trees surrounding our home, not to mention the dishwasher and washer/dryer, all for 1/4 of the rent we pay now… But today I think it’s safer if I stick simply to “Fall decor” and leave it at that.

One thought on “Signs of Fall: 2011

  1. I think your stress index is through the roof , having endured several of the top ten factors. I am learning from you….about how to stay calm, and upbeat….and concentrate on the fun things. Love, mama


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