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The Summer of TV on DVD

Summer is coming to a close, although the weather here in SF hasn’t gotten the memo… it’s warmer now than it was in June!  And now we’ve entered the rainy season, so I’m told.  I am still getting used to this Pacific coast climate!

Fall is here in spirit, in our apartment anyway, and especially with the advent of the new Fall TV lineup.  I’ve never seen so many new shows at once before!  It’s been fun checking out new shows (The New Girl, Up All Night, and Terra Nova are the ones I’ve been watching, though the jury is still out on whether they’re worth it) and revisiting old favorites (Modern Family, The Office, 30 Rock, Community).

But if Fall is all about new shows, my Summer has been all about watching TV on DVD… I’ve never watched so many seasons since the epic summer of Lost (an aside on Lost: I personally LOVED the journey, but don’t mention it to Sam or you’re in for a diatribe–he hated the ending so much, it’s tainted his entire perception of the show!).

Here’s a look at what I’ve been watching:
(click on the titles for links to the show’s website, and all images were found through a google image search)

Friday Night Lights (five seasons)

Wow, what an awesome show!  I’m just sad that I started watching it when the last season had already aired.  I’m not really a sports person (ok, “not really” is an understatement.  I’m not at all.) but I LOVED this show.  It’s more about the characters and centers on my all-time favorite TV couple, Coach Taylor and his wife Tami.  Please excuse the second season, in which all of the characters become extreme caricatures of their worst features, because it all smooths out by the end.  The last season is so, so good.  I actually missed the characters after the fifth season was over… like, woke up thinking about them and lamenting that they were gone.  It’s that good!

Mad Men (four seasons, still airing)

This show just keeps getting better.  In case you haven’t heard–it’s about the people who work for an ad agency in the 1960’s.  It’s a little hard to watch all those 60’s-era women get the short end of the stick, but this show is awesome in its very 60’s-ness.  Love the clothes, love the furniture, love the any-time-is-drinking-time attitude, love the characters.

Arrested Development (three seasons)

If you haven’t seen this show, do!  It’s hilarious and clever and zany.  Most of these shows I watched with Sam at night, but I chose this show to watch by myself during the day.  And apparently, my timing was perfect, because I certainly didn’t know that more than five years after the final season, they are now going to film one more season and a movie!  So it’s the perfect time to brush up on your sitcom history.

The IT Crowd (four seasons, still airing)

This show is a British sitcom–there have been a couple seasons, so we just catch the new ones on Netflix when they’re available.  Think of the word “crowd” like “bunch” or “group.”  It’s basically a normal working girl who gets dumped into the IT department with two computer geeks.  (I married a computer geek, so no hard feelings meant of course!)  Hilarity ensues, in a British kind of way.

Currently Watching:

Life on Mars (two seasons)

This is another British show, a drama that aired a few years ago.  There are only two seasons, and it’s a fun cop show with an implausible premise that they somehow pull off.  Sam (the cop, not my husband) is a detective who has a car accident, and wakes up in 1973–and the show is spent trying to figure out if he’s dead, in a coma, or crazy.  I’m pretty sure he’s in a coma, but we’re still a few episodes away from the end!  Suspenseful and funny, a little rough with the violence, but a good cop show (not usually my kind of TV).

Parenthood (two seasons, still airing)

Mom brought the first season on dvd with her after my second surgery.  I’d watched the first episode when it originally aired, but I gave up on it too soon.  Although I still feel like the characters are a little over-acted at first, this show really grows on you!  The reason the first episode seemed over-the-top is because it basically set up the themes for the entire series.  There are no easy-fix problems that get solved in one hour, just real-life characters and issues that develop over the course of the entire season.  And did I mention it’s based in Berkeley?  It’s mostly filmed in southern California (thanks, Wikipedia!) but still… Very cool!  Now I’m knee-deep into the second season and completely obsessed!


The Wonder Years

Wow, I used to love this show!  It has finally been added to Netflix, so it is definitely on my To-Watch list!  Who can forget Kevin and Winnie?  Or any of the other unforgettable characters– the annoying older brother Wayne, hippy sister Karen, tyrant dad, loving mother, and Paul the smart friend?  There are 100+ episodes, and I have no idea how much I actually watched when I was younger, so I’m looking forward to remembering some episodes and enjoying others for the first time 🙂

I love watching TV on DVD because you can watch episodes at your own pace (usually back to back to back) and there are no commercials!  Win-Win.  Have you watched any great shows on DVD?  Let me know if you have any recommendations!

2 thoughts on “The Summer of TV on DVD

  1. Try vampire diaries (CW) – a little campy but overall AMAZING! It’s in the 3rd season but the old ones might be on hulu or something.


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