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Fleet Week

Last weekend, the Blue Angels came to SF and performed their air shows down by Fisherman’s Wharf.  But I knew they were in town way before the official shows.  How did I become such an insider?  How did I know about the show without ever seeing any advertising?  Well…. let’s just say that jets are a bit hard to hide while practicing… in the air above our apartment… roaring by every ten or so minutes.  So yes, I was well aware that Fleet Week was upon us, whether I was ready or not!

Sam and I walked down to the wharves on Saturday… if we had done our research, we would have known that there were tons of events going on around SF, but it was great even for lazy, casual observers like ourselves.  We ate at In-N-Out Burger as the planes began soaring overhead, leaving trails in the shape of hearts and lines in the sky.

We headed towards the Maritime Park to watch the rest of the show, and discovered that there were tents of merchandise and food–you know how I love fair food, so I was disappointed!  Oh well… now we’re prepared for next year!

The show was very impressive!

this girl walked by right as I snapped the picture, but I actually like the way it turned out

We stayed for about an hour, and then walked home with the planes stil flying in formation above us–so cool!

Goodbye, Fleet Week!

It’s not a bad walk either, maybe two miles from our apartment, and gorgeous views the entire way.  Plus, conveniently placed ice cream shops 🙂

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