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Yesterday I posted about going down to the wharves to watch the Blue Angels air show for Fleet Week.  It was amazing!  Sam and I walked to and from the wharves, about two miles.  It’s a nice walk, and we’ve figured out how to avoid the hills (walk on Hyde St. toward the wharves on the downhill, and return home on Polk St. which is mainly flat… in case you’re interested)

Here are some of the city sights we passed on our way:

my favorite tree-lined street
a kitty cat we stopped and talked to
some advertising planes taking advantage of the fleet week crowd... the families with kids around us had an impromptu ABC lesson haha

Our path crossed Lombard Street, so we walked down the steep hill to get a closer look at the crookedest street in the world!

going down

Apparently you have to be in a crane to get the postcard-worthy pics!

at the bottom of Lombard Street

We found an off-ramp that gave a great view of the city, even if it took us out of our way.

Coit Tower

looking toward the bay

That’s all for now, folks!

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