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My Amish Aunts

My aunts aren’t really Amish.  But they got a glimpse of the Amish life a few weeks ago when they held their annual Sisters Weekend in upper Pennsylvania–my mom was scheduled to join her four sisters, but my second surgery got scheduled right smack dab on the day she was supposed to fly out.  It’s the second time one of my surgeries has interfered with a family get-together, but you’d never hear my mom complain about it, even though I know how much she misses her family.

You don’t know my aunts, but they are hilarious, generous, caring, and… as our family motto goes… put the “fun” in dysfunctional!  They’ve been awesome my whole life, but they’ve really stepped it up during my whole ordeal–cards, letters, pictures, surprise packages.  Last week, I received two packages from Amish country, along with a letter including some pretty funny pics that I won’t share on the internet.  But use your imagination–four beautiful ladies trying their hands at milking, riding horses, and living life the Amish way… for a weekend.  I just know they had a ball and probably made life-long friends while they were at it–that’s the way my family is.

From my Aunt Linda, a quilt kit that I can’t wait to start–everything included, which puts my control-freak mind at ease!

This just might be my next project.

From my Aunt Joanne, a beautiful quilted wall hanging.


Right now it is at home hanging on one of the knobs on my “pantry.”

Not sure if it will stay there forever, or how I might use the pockets.  Maybe Christmas cards when the holidays come around?  Or coupons?  Or maybe I could hang it by my crafting table and use it to hold sewing supplies?  I’ll have to muse on that for a bit.

Aunt Joanne also included this darling doll-sized quilt rack.

So cute!  It made me start thinking about making doll-sized quilts… now wouldn’t that be cute?

My aunts know me too well… their gifts have already started me thinking!  I wish my mom could’ve joined them for Sisters Weekend with the Amish, but I’m also glad she was here with me when I needed her most.  Isn’t family grand, through good times and bad?  The answer is yes, of course.

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