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Field Trip: Baker Beach

Sam and I have been trying out new places each weekend.  The weather has been gorgeous, and it’s so cool to be in a city like San Fran where something is always happening!  So far, our field trips have included the California Academy of Science (while Mom was still here!), Fleet Week, and the Public Library (Main branch).  This past weekend, we added Baker Beach to our Field Trip list.

My family has always been beach fanatics, and so are my in-laws!  So I have a deep love for the beach… although Sam is not quite as enamored.  But both of could appreciate the stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and cliffs surrounding Baker Beach.

The sand was a little browner than the East Coast beaches we’re used to, and there was one other glaring difference too… the nudes!  We set up our beach blanket and right behind us, a Nudes vs. Clothed volleyball game started up.  (I won’t post any of those pics!)

Sam is looking toward the ocean... not the volleyball game!

Yes, Baker Beach is clothing-optional, dog friendly, and pretty friendly toward anything– rather representative of San Francisco as a whole.

Baker Beach is on the Coastal Trail in the Presidio, so there were trails into the park all around us.

the "log rope" up a very steep sand hill!

We walked around a bit, getting more views of the Golden Gate bridge and Immigrant Point Overlook (the Presidio seems to be a fan of steep climbing…)

We had a lot of fun admiring the views, and I think we will definitely be back to explore more of the Presidio, a massive area of national park.  It’s awesome that there’s a clean, uncrowded beach just a bus ride away!

4 thoughts on “Field Trip: Baker Beach

  1. That’s beautiful! I can’t wait to come visit and see everything ya’ll have discovered about San Fran:) Always looks like ya’ll are having so much fun!


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