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Field Trip: Golden Gate Valley Library

Another weekend field trip!  After checking out books from the SF Main Branch library, we decided to check out a different branch to return the books.  Instead of walking south, we headed north toward the Pacific Heights and Marina neighborhoods.  We stopped at an artisan burger place along the way (yum!  But expensive.) and admired the neighborhoods–a little preppier than Nob Hill, but a fun atmosphere.

The Golden Gate Valley Library

The Gate Valley branch is small.  I was warned on, but I was still surprised by how tiny it was–about one room bigger than the elementary school library I used to head–but adding Teen and Adult sections too!  I’ve been hunting for a book that Casa del Hanson recommended–Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro–but so far, I haven’t found it at either branch we’ve visited.  I know that I could find it in the system online and order it to be picked up at any branch I choose, but the hunt is more fun this way.  (I will find it one day, Laura, because I really enjoyed your review of it!)

There were a fair number of patrons, and I have to admit that the small space made me feel a little nervous while browsing the shelves, like I was always in someone’s way with someone else looking over my shoulder.  So I didn’t check out any books, but if I wanted to request a book online this library would be well worth another lovely walk to pick it up.

After the library, we kept walking north to see more of the Marina neighborhood.

We found a park close to the actual boat marina with a view of the Golden Gate bridge, and even a Farmer’s Market at Fort Mason.

Then we rode a bus home to get ready for our Halloween adventure… a ghost tour!  More on that later 🙂

3 thoughts on “Field Trip: Golden Gate Valley Library

  1. OMFG! I just did (almost) this exact same trip with some librarians yesterday! HAHA! Did you see that in that Fort Mason complex was the Friends of the San Francisco Library Books Store? They have their own bookstore! That was pretty awesome.


    1. I’m new to the city but I’m making it my mission to visit all of the public library branches. Might take a while! I checked out your blog–it’s exciting to follow a local librarian!


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