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We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt….

To get into the Halloween spirit, Sam and I went on a ghost tour, known as San Francisco’s Original Supernatural Adventure Walking tour on the website.  It’s fun to be new to the city and still able to appreciate all the touristy activities–in other words, we had a great time!

The guide, Jim Fassbinder, is a great story teller and expertly narrates a three-hour tour.  I don’t want to give away all his secrets, but I will say this…  a haunted hotel, ghost stories, poltergeists, paranormal kinesis, and magic tricks were all involved!  I would definitely recommend his tour to anyone visiting San Francisco–the tour is held rain or shine six nights a week.

We began at the historic Queen Anne Hotel, which was just about a ten minute walk from our apartment, and which we were able to explore after the initial introduction.  Beautiful hotel, even if it is haunted!

Cameras were encouraged, to look for “orbs” and ghosts.

Sam and I didn’t see any…

After exploring the haunted hotel, the group walked about a mile and stopped every few minutes to hear stories about haunted houses and see a few magic tricks.  It was all in good fun, and we learned some history along the way!

Like I said, I’d recommend this ghost tour to anyone visiting San Fran–any time of the year!  The tour guide operates six days a week, rain or shine.  Nothing gruesome, nothing too creepy–that’s my kind of Halloween treat!

P.S.  This is in no way a paid review–in fact, we shelled out $40 and it was well worth it!

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