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Collage Therapy: Love and Reading

The stack of magazines was growing tall, some unread, some half-read, some from months ago–People, Whole Living, The Sun, O, Country Living, Marie Claire, Food Network–how did the list get so long?  Instead of throwing them away, I took my mom’s advice and made a collage.  Then another, and another.  Once all the images and words were before me, they started naturally categorizing themselves into different thoughts, emotions, ideas.  What is so soothing about cutting and ripping and gluing, seizing images and words that are appealing?  It’s just plain fun.

But smashing everything together also seems to bring out hidden truths.  Right now I’m reading Travelling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter Ann Monk Taylor, and learned that The Secret Life of Bees had no formal outline, but a collage.  Now how’s that for inspiring?

I laid out my pictures first, then added words to tell the rest of the story.  So not to get all woo-woo symbolism on you, but here is one collage, with the words and images I chose:

Love and/or Reading

Background is red for love and passion, duh 🙂


mother and daughter reading in a park

30’s girl with book

Nancy Drew book cover



two chairs facing the ocean



40’s girl standing by the sea


“Ah, to Be Young, Bookish, and in Love”

“Reading Room”


“We never forget our roots.”

“Read forever”

“Read Fast Die Young”


“Healing Poer”


“treat yourself”


This was the fourth collage I made, and I started collecting images to represent my love of reading, and realized that it described by feelings about love in general.  I’m a little old-fashioned, I guess–my images depict women from the past, and outdated technology like the typewriter.  But reading–and love–is comforting to me, a cocoon of pleasure and healing.  It’s engrossing and powerful–and I have to admit, an old-fashioned hobby.  But that’s ok by me.

Hope you enjoyed my collage about Love and/or Reading!  More coming soon!

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