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Perfectly Repurposed Side Table

Moving from a townhouse into a one bedroom apartment with less storage has been a bit of a space challenge.  We didn’t have rooms of furniture, but we sure did have a lot of stuff accumulated.  I’ve pretty much gotten the clutter under control, and found storage anywhere I can–artfully arranged in our two closets, under the bed, under the couch, etc.

the "normal" living room--with my Mom too 🙂

Each of our three rooms has to accomodate multiple purposes–especially the living room.  Not only is the requisite tv, couch, and coffee table in the living room, but also dvd/game storage, Sam’s desk and computer, printer, and my sewing table (which folds up and fits under the couch to make room for the coffee table when the blow-up mattress is needed for guests.  Whew, talk about multi-purposing!).

sewing table under couch, coffee table by the window, blow-up mattress in place for guests!

All of this furniture leaves little room for other necessities like–where to put your drink!  A serious problem, I know!  There is room on one side of the couch for a side table–but it is “my” side, and already full with a lamp, the landline phone, and my very own drink coaster.  If you sit in the middle, you can probably use the coffee table, but if you’re on the other end–you’re out of luck!  Until my Mom came up with an ingenius improvisation that was supposed to be a temporary fix… but now I like it!

Does anyone else remember Sam’s awful speaker stands, the clunky (and heavy!) black eyesores that traveled with him from high school to dorm to apartment to newlywed home, and then across the country to San Fran?!  I do, unfortunately.  We managed to get rid of one stand, when Sam decided to upgrade to actual speaker stands (the clunky ones are actually meant to be planter stands)… which, of course, led me to wonder why they had to be packed and shipped in the first place…. but there’s a reason for everything, as I would soon discover!  You may recall when that ugly stand actually saved our sink from falling off the wall

the perfect height to keep the sink from falling off the wall!

While my Mom was visiting, she needed a spot to place her glass during our Friday Night Lights and Parenthood marathons, but there’s literally six inches of space between the couch and Sam’s computer desk area.  I don’t think there’s a store-bought side table in existence that would fit it that space.  But it just so happens that the speaker stand fits perfectly, and when we placed a Tunisian tile on top it even looks purposefully created–as a side table!

I just love it when things are repurposed perfectly!

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