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Halloween 2011

This time last year, Sam was busy with his final year of grad school, I was busy with my second year of beng a school librarian, and together we hosted a Halloween party.

my cat costume, complete with zebra tail

I got out my trusty Holiday notebook and “researched” Halloween treats to make–aka, I went online and tore out a bunch of magazine pages.  I had so much fun preparing, making treats–spider cupcakes, a witches’ brew, floating hand, mummy pretzel sticks, and dressing up.  (Click links for previous posts.)

spider cupcakes... the cute ones and one "anatomically correct" spider

This year, Sam & I are spending a lot more time together, just the two of us.  We won’t be celebrating Halloween with costumes or trick-or-treaters or anything we’re used to.  Instead, we’ve decorated the apartment, gone on a ghost tour, and have otherwise ignored the holiday.  I certainly miss our friends, and the comforting familiarity of small town life–always being able to call someone up at the last minute, to get a group together within 15 minutes to gather for dinner or an impromptu party, always having a buddy to go window shopping or to a movie or just to the grocery store.

pretzel stick mummies.. put them in the fridge for the chocolate to set, and completely forgot to take them out to add their bandages!

But during this transition time–when we have new acquaintances, and  Sam’s co-workres, but no steady-and-true friends yet–it’s also nice to know that I have such a great companion in my husband.  Our interests are radically different–he’s at the tip-top of technology with his computers and video games, and I’m more at home in the 19th-century realm of hobbies–but we love to spend time together doing new things.  Even if one of us is dragging the other to some event, we always end up enjoying ourselves.  You just can’t replace the comfort of a built-in friendship in marriage.  If I had to be stuck friendless and unemployed in a strange city with only one person–I’m glad it’s Sam!  And as we enter the holiday season, that’s certainly something to be thankful for.

Sam the Bro and Katie the Cat

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