Chit Chat

A Halloween Treat

While I’m taking a trip down Memory Lane and reminiscing about last year’s Halloween festivities, how about another Halloween treat from last year?

Pharaoh Cora

The costumed kitties!

Although we haven’t seen them since May, they are still alive and well.  Thriving, actually, with Sam’s grandparents in MS.  Cora is still her feisty self, although she’s bonded with Sam’s grandfather and sleeps in his lap all day.  But when he’s gone, she gets lonely and cries.

Camo Cora

Tali is still sweet as ever, and her escape into the unknown (and eventual rescue by the Humane Society) has made her friendlier toward strangers upon return.  She’s always loved to be petted, but now she even likes to be held.

Tali is shy... this is the closest she would get to the costume

And how do I know all this from afar?  Because we get to see our long-lost kitties every week on Skype!  It’s almost cruel, though–Tali hears our voices and comes looking for us, and our glimpses of them make us miss our cats so much!  Plans are in the works, though, to bring them to SF when we visit for Christmas.

Cora the Chicken

Happy Halloween from Cora and Tali!

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