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NPBM Blog-Along: Seasons

Did you know that November is Picture Book Month?

Trick question, because it never was before but now it is!  Picture Book Month is an international initiative to celebrate children’s books and debunk the rumor that printed books will cease to exist because of new technology.  Go read more at founder Dianne de Las Casas’ website, and tune in for the blog posts by famous authors and illustrators.  There’s even a calendar with different themes for each day of November, so you can play along.

You know I can’t resist a good picture book, so this is right up my alley!  Instead of NaNoWriMo or any of the other 30-Day-Blog-Challenges, I’ve decided to take on Picture Book Month as my own personal blogging challenge–I will highlight one book a day that goes along with the theme for that day, in addition to my regular blogging.  Join me for Picture Book Month and share your favorite picture books!

November 3, 2011
Theme: Seasons

This one was a little tough… there are lots of great picture books that deal with the seasons or the cycle of the year.  I had to go with an old favorite, a worn and beloved copy that I still have on my bookshelf:

The Little House: Her Story, by Virginia Lee Burton

This sweet story was written in 1942 and won the Caldecott Medal.  My grandmother (the librarian) gave me this book for Christmas in 1990, which means I was three years old and my brother was only a month old.  Everyone probably remembers this story–the little house built on a hill, loved and cherished, until the city encroaches and grows up around the little house.  She can no longer see the stars or tell the seasons apart, until a new family hoists her up on wheels and transports her to a new spot in the country.  I can still relate to this story… I definitely enjoy the beauty of rural life as opposed to the city.  The passing of the seasons is beautifully and simply illustrated, and reminds us of the pitfalls that can come when life is too full of hurry and bustle.

I remember…

::  counting the suns that arc across the pages illustrating the rise and fall of the day

:: picking my favorite illustrated season (sometimes Fall, sometimes Winter)

:: requesting this story at many, many bedtimes

What’s your favorite Seasons picture book?

Tune in tomorrow for the next picture book, and check out Picture Book Month’s website too!

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