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You’ve probably heard a lot about Pinterest on the internet; it’s a site that let’s you “pin” images onto boards–a visualization of online inspiration.  (You need an invitation to join–anyone interested, let me know!  I’d be happy to send you an invite!  And if you’re already a member, look me up!  My username is ladykatie32)  It’s a great website–I love seeing what inspires other people, sharing new ideas, and categorizing all kinds of neat things.

I have so many boards–you know how I love organizing things, and Pinterest definitely fuels my obsession!  Click on the link if you’d like to see one of these boards:

It’s just like my Holiday Idea Notebook.  The problem, however, is I do a whole lot of pinning and very little doing!  I’m finding that I need to periodically go through my pins and purge some that I will never actually attempt, and maybe print some for my real-life idea notebooks.  Sometimes I need things to be more concrete–on paper, in my hands, easily referenced, not hidden on my laptop.  I have to do this with my Recipe notebook, Holiday notebook, and Quilting notebook too–periodically go through what’s there, get rid of pages/ideas/recipes/projects that no longer interest me, and remember things I want to try.  And since I love organizing, the process makes me feel so productive!  I may not actually attempt anything, but I feel as if I’ve already accomplished something!

How do you organize new projects that you want to try?  Do you like Pinterest, and have you created anything inspired by a pin?  I’d love to know!

3 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. As you know, I am way to obsessed with Pinterest right now. I actually have done some things that were inspired by “pins.” I attempted the nail polish swirl – it was a fail. I got the idea of how to make my Halloween costume from there – it was a success. I also made dinner from a pin last night, but the recipe wasn’t as good as I hoped. I definitely do a lot more pinning that I do creating, but it’s still really fun and inspiring to see others’ ideas and look at pretty pictures.


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