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NPBM Blog-Along: Mice

Did you know that November is Picture Book Month?

Trick question, because it never was before… but now it is!  Picture Book Month is an international initiative to celebrate children’s books and debunk the rumor that printed books will cease to exist because of new technology.  Go read more at founder Dianne de Las Casas’ website, and tune in for the blog posts by famous authors and illustrators.  There’s even a calendar with different themes for each day of November, so you can play along.

You know I can’t resist a good picture book, so this is right up my alley!  Instead of NaNoWriMo or any of the other 30-Day-Blog-Challenges, I’ve decided to take on Picture Book Month as my own personal blogging challenge–I will highlight one book a day that goes along with the theme for that day, in addition to my regular blogging.  Join me for Picture Book Month and share your favorite picture books!

November 10, 2011
Theme: Mice

Today I’m giving you not one but TWO picture books!  Lucky you!  I just couldn’t decide between two of my favorites–but they both portray mice very differently!

Mother Halverson’s New Cat, written by Jim Aylesworth and illustrated by Toni Goffe

I love this book so much that I brought it up in the second blog post I ever wrote!  It was always a favorite, and I think it burrowed down into my subconscious and made me feel better about being such a shy, introverted child.  When Mother Halverson’s favorite cat passes away, she needs a new pet–and she better be a good mouser!  The pantry is overrun–but Crabby, Flabby, and Blabby the barn cats don’t cut it.  Only sweet Abby, the quiet kitty left behind, who isn’t loud or aggressive, is the perfect mouser and pet.  I love this story–and I’m glad I kept my childhood copy, because it’s out of print now.

I remember…

:: requesting this book at many, many bedtimes

:: delighting in the rejected cats’ nicknames: Crabby, Flabby, and Blabby

:: relishing the illustrations, especially the frisky mice and Father Halverson’s facial expressions

:: hoping that some day, being shy and quiet would be valued just like Abby the chosen cat

But since the mice in Mother Halverson’s story are being eaten, I decided to include another favorite picture book with mice as the main characters…

Dr. Desoto, written and illustrated by William Steig

Another beloved favorite–you might remember this one from my Grandma’s bag when I was trying to decide which picture books would be packed to move to California.  The story is clever and imaginative–both the story and the illustrations are wonderful.  Dr. Desoto and his wife operate a dentist office that serves large and small animals–even the wolf who has hungry eyes. (Did you start singing that song, too?  Hun-gry eyes…)  The ending is a perfect example of a win-win solution!

I remember…

:: asking to be read this story every time we visited my grandparents in Atlanta

:: every time we came to the page with two sets of stairs–one for large animals, and one for small–my Grandma would say, “I just think that is so clever!”  Every time!  I loved that.

:: loving the facial expressions on all the animals

So those are the two books for the Mice theme–I just couldn’t decide between them.  What’s your favorite Mice picture book?

Tune in tomorrow for the next picture book, and check out Picture Book Month’s website too!


One thought on “NPBM Blog-Along: Mice

  1. Ohohoh! Add “Goodnight Moon” to your list – the mouse moving to a different spot on each page was always so fun. (don’t mind me as I catch up on my reading this week…I’ve been too busy and have missed so much fun with you! I hope you’re having a great trip, btw!)


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