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No Waste Flying Geese

Recently I needed to make some Flying Geese quilt blocks. (More on why later–but the Christmas fabric used is not a coincidence!)  There are several ways to make Flying Geese, and lot of great internet tutorials, but I found one technique for making “No Waste” Flying Geese that worked great.  Using two squares of fabric, you can make four flying geese units with six sewn lines and three snips of the scissors.  I didn’t have any specific measurements, and this technique is great in that way too–you can use any size fabric or scraps.   I found this tutorial as a pdf file, but my printer was all out of ink so I had to make do with scribbling down the instructions and trying my best to draw each step.  Below, I’ll show you how in pictures–I used scraps, so please forgive all the wrinkly fabric!

No Waste Flying Geese

1. Cut out two squares of fabric the same size.  Decide which fabric you want to be the “geese”–the larger triangle in the finished block.  From now on, I’ll refer to the “geese” as Fabric A and the “sky” as Fabric B.  In this tutorial, my Fabric A is green and Fabric B is red.

2. Cut Fabric B into four squares.  (If you are using scraps, just remember that Fabric A must be twice the width and height of your Fabric B squares.)

3.  With right sides together, lay two of the smaller Fabric B squares diagonally on the larger Fabric A square, as shown below.

4.  Draw a diagonal line from the top left to the bottom right.

5.  Stitch a straight line on both sides of the drawn line.

6.  Cut on the drawn diagonal line.

7.  Press seams toward Fabric A.

8.  Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the smaller Fabric B squares.

9.  With right sides together, lay one of the marked squares on the sewn unit as shown below.

10.  Stitch a straight line on both sides of the drawn line.

11.  Cut apart on drawn line.

Repeat with other marked square.

12.  Press units open, and voila: four flying geese!

After making a few of these, I didn’t need to draw any more lines, I just eyeballed it.

Coming soon, I’ll explain why I was using Christmas fabric 😉

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