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Happy to Be Home

I’m happy to be home!  Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it’s time for… Christmas!  I’m trying not to be too giddy here, but it’s hard.  Sam is already rolling his eyes, but he can’t stop me from playing Christmas music and decking the halls.

But before I go too crazy, I thought I’d welcome the season with a little poem.  Last year, I used this poem structure to celebrate Fall with my kiddos in the library, and I still think it’s a great little lesson on adjectives, nouns, and verbs.  Obviously, you can customize it for any season or holiday.

Here’s the poem structure:

When is [Season]?

When is [season]?
When [adjective] [noun] [verb]
And [adjective] [noun] [verb].

When [adjective] [noun] [verb]
And [adjective] [noun] [verb].
Then it is [season]!

Brainstorm your adjectives, nouns, and verbs first, then mix and match to fill in the blanks.  Super easy and fun!

Here’s my poem:

When is Christmas?

When is Christmas?
When snowy angels herald
And twinkly lights glitter.

When frosty wreaths welcome
And evergreen trees sing.
Then it is Christmas!

Join in the fun and share your poem with me!  Tis the Season!

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