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Reading Log: November 2011

It’s time for another monthly update on my Reading Log!  I used to post every month…but then things got a bit wonky when we moved to SF… but now I’m back in the habit!

So here’s my Reading Log for November 2011, with my thoughts about each book to help me remember what I read.  I’ve included all the books that I’ve read or finished during the month of November, even if I started some of them outside of this month.  Also, I like to give a rating to each book I read and I like to keep track of the binding of the book, don’t ask me why.
HB = Hardback, PB = Paperback, AB = Audio book, K = Kindle.

Word for word, straight from my diary:

Title Start Finish Thoughts Grade/
A Circle of Quiet,
by Madeleine L’Engle
10/29/11 11/10/11 (1972) First of the Crosswick Journals.  This one meandered a little too much for me—there was no beginning or end, just a bunch of middle.  Philosophical musings on writing, words, choices, the younger generation, religion.  Mostly relevant, although some of her thoughts about the 1970’s issues (communes, for instance) dated the book a bit.  I found it a bit slow. B-
The Jungle Effect,
by Daphne Miller
11/10/11 11/11/11 Rec from Jess.  Really interesting read—doctor (from SF!) visits “cold spots” around the world to find out their diet secrets.  Cold spots are places where certain health problems are almost nonexistent.  It still seems to me that Indigenous ingredients are hard to come by, but I can see how to incorporate some simple things into my diet.  From Mexico (diabetes) = beans; Greece (heart disease)=olive oil; Iceland (depression)=fish; West Africa (Crohn’s)=less processed foods; Japan (breast/prostrate cancer)=broccoli.  Very interesting read that brings home “you are what you eat!” A
A Morbid Taste for Bones,
by Ellis Peters
11/11/11 Still reading… enjoying this medieval murder mystery!
Confessions of a Book Seller,
by Robin Soma-Dudley
11/13/11 11/21/11 Sounded like my cup of tea—girl graduates, has no idea what to do with her life, moves across the country with her best friend, starts working at a book store.  But the writing is so terrible that no plot could save it.  I don’t know if it’s the Kindle’s fault or what, but the grammar and punctuation was atrocious.  I read this on the plane to AL, and I just had to start writing down quotes on my iPhone to remember the badness.  Here are a few gems: “Nisha’s cynicism abounding, today.”  And “He stare is it in his hand then looks up from it to me.” And even “We kiss this time harder as our lips part tongues exploring as the passion is mounting.”  So bad!! C-
The Bake-Off,
by Beth Kendrick
11/18/11 11/20/11 Light-hearted chick lit about estranged sisters who make up when they enter a baking contest.  Such a fun beach read while visiting my family!  And some great recipes included too; I am totally making Grammy Syl’s Christmas Eve Cake! A-
More Confessions of a Book Seller,
by Robin Soma-Dudley
11/21/11 11/23/11 I only read the sequel because I had bought both for $0.99—next time I know to read a bit first!  Ah well, this was actually marginally better.  Still terrible punctuation, but that has to be the fault of the ebook-edition, right?  I can’t imagine it would actually be published like that.  The writing still wasn’t much better, but the plot was more interesting as I was already somewhat invested in the characters.  A pleasantly mindless read for the plane ride home. C+
Eight Cousins,
by Louisa May Alcott
11/23/11 Still reading… so far, not quite so good as Little Women, but definitely enjoying this old-fashioned tale.

So that’s what I’ve been reading during the month of November.  Anyone else reading a good book?

2 thoughts on “Reading Log: November 2011

  1. I tried to read A Circle of Quiet once and never could get into. Glad to know I am not alone in finding it slow. And I’ve also noticed that Kindle-ized books often have grammar and punctuation errors! It’s annoying when it gets in the way of enjoying the book.


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