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Christmas Card Blooper Reel

Before I left to visit my family before Thanksgiving, I had one mission in mind: Take a Christmas-card-worthy photo!  Sam is no fan of taking pictures, but he gamely agreed to spend a couple hours scoping out a new photo-op on the Saturday before I left town.

There are lots of gorgeous photo-taking spots in San Fran, but I specifically wanted the Golden Gate bridge in the background–it’s iconic for a reason, right?  Baker Beach has stunning views, but we wanted to try out a new place to add to our list of field trip adventures.

After some Google research, we put on our red shirts and headed to Crissy Field in the Presidio National Park.  We were in luck: gorgeous views of the bridge and the rocky coast!

We were not so lucky when it came to picture-taking… I find that asking random strangers to take your picture usually ends up in a too-dark/light/blurry/uncentered photograph… so we were at the mercy of my camera’s self-timer, which wasn’t that much more successful.  We perched the camera on benches, trash cans, dune posts, and railings, and finally ended up with two good pictures to use… but countless bloopers!

I want to save the final Christmas card product for later, after it’s sent off in the mail, but I have no problem sharing the pictures that definitely did NOT make it onto the card!

Below, the Christmas card blooper reel!

... pressed the wrong button
... wrong button again... Sam is getting bored already, and we've just started!
... I'm facing the wrong way, we're way off-center, it's too dark, and the bridge is nowhere in sight!
... still off center, without the bridge in view, but at least we look like we're having fun!
...pretty decent beach pic, but you still can't see the bridge (that blip at the top is a random blimp)
...too dark, and Sam's head is cut off!
...wrong button again! Plus, my hair is a MESS!
...decent picture, but without the bridge in the background this could be any beach!
...too dark, and the bridge is too far away

And last but not least…

...the most terrible pic of them all! Too close, Sam's head is cut off, and my sweater is giving me a major pooch!

That about does it for the blooper reel… when I get our cards in the mail I’ll share the final product with you—I promise, we did get a good pic eventually!

Do you want to receive a Christmas card from us to you?  If you’re a bloggy friend, email me your mailing address at ktdornan(at), and I’d be happy to send one along!  And if you’re so inclined, I’d love to share my address with you too–the more cards, the merrier!

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