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Wrapping Presents, Pinterest-Style

I try to remember to bring reusable bags with me to the grocery store, but somehow I have still accumulated a TON of brown paper bags in the six months we’ve been in San Fran.  I have a narrow cabinet on one side of the stove that stores my cookbooks, cookie trays, and these paper bags…  but now the door barely closes and the bags are overflowing!  I can’t bear to recycle them, because I just know I’ll find a good use for them… and when I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew I had to give it a try!

Original blog post found here:

Simple supplies: brown paper bags, doilies, scissors, and tape!

Cut out the bottom and down one side of the bag, to get the most out of your bag.  Chop off the handles too.

Most of Sam's gifts are game-shaped...

Wrap and adorn with doily!

I used a loop of scotch tape to keep the doily on–or you could use double-sided tape or even glue, although that might get sticky through the lace holes.

I like how the original pinner arranged her doilies slightly off-center.

Tip: Scotch tape is not strong enough keep the brown paper taped down.  I broke out the masking tape for the wrapping part.

Tip: I haven’t found a local craft store yet, so I bought some cheap doilies on eBay. I ordered the normal circular doilies too, but these hearts arrived first, so that’s what I used!

Tip: If you get different colored doilies, you can color-code the presents–red and pink for me, white and cream for Sam!

(I wrap all our Christmas presents, so I know what I am getting too, although Sam always has a surprise or two that I open “as-is”–usually still in the packaging!  But at least I’m surprised)

first presents under the tree 🙂

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Presents, Pinterest-Style

  1. I know how that goes…my gifts from Andy are often in plastic bags at best. 🙂 And I’ve often sent him precise links to exactly what I want…but you’re right, he’s good about throwing in a surprise every now and then!


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