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Movin’ On Up Piece by Piece

A few weeks ago, I posted a sneak peek of the new quilt I was working on…

…and I never got around to actually showing you the finished quilt top!

I got the idea for this quilt from Crazy Mom Quilts‘ Movin’ On Up quilt, using her Topsy Turvy quilt block.  I used 5-inch charm squares rather than 10-inch layer cakes, so I doubled the number of blocks she used and ended up with much tinier diagonal rows of color.  I really love this cheery quilt top!

The charm squares that I started out with were a variety of greens, blues, and browns, and were overall a little somber.  For the background color, I used all the yellow scraps I could find in my stash, and I even had to dip into some orangeish-brown when I ran out of yellow, but I think the yellow really brightens it up.

The block is super easy to create, and then some slicing and dicing and rearranging makes for an interesting layout.

Here’s the process, in pictures:

I started with 24 five-inch squares.  I cut two-inch strips of all the yellow fabric I could find, because I needed 48 five-inch strips and 48 ten-inch strips (approximate measurements–this does not have to be a precise block).

I sewed the five-inch strips onto two sides of each square, chain-piecing to save time and thread.

After sewing two five-inch strips on either side, press with iron

Then I sewed the longer strip to the other two sides of each square, cutting off the excess afterward.

pressed, before cutting off excess

Now you have the “Topsy Turvy” block (but I didn’t slice off the edges to make it off-kilter, I just left them straight).

I sliced the block into four equal pieces.

Then the fun part!

I separated my quartered blocks into piles of brown, blue, and green.

Then I arranged the blocks into diagonal rows of green, blue, and brown.

The bed is the biggest stretch of space I have for laying out a quilt top!

Then I sewed each row together.  With all the patchwork, it was difficult for me to keep everything perfectly joined at the seams, but I did my best!  It’s all Patchwork 101, but great practice for a beginner quilter like me!

And then each of the rows together, to form the quilt top.

And voila!  I call this quilt “Moving On Up Piece by Piece,” inspired by Crazy Mom Quilt‘s original.

This is my fourth quilt top.  My next ambition is to actually quilt my tops… and since three of them are lap quilts, I think I can do it at home.  I just have to gather my courage (and time and patience) and go for it!

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