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Wrangling Tinsel in the Name of Christmas

Quick Christmas centerpiece idea!  This came about because I have a tree-shaped glass candy jar that I need to resist filling with candy…  So instead, I wrestled with some tinsel and made a twinkling centerpiece


  • clear candy jar or other container: free, if previously owned
  • tinsel garland: $1.00 at Walgreens
  • strand of battery-operated lights: $3.99 at Walgreens

Total Cost: under $5!

I stuffed the garland in first, then hid the battery packs in the middle and wrapped the strand of lights around the sides.  There’s no precise way to do this… embrace the wrangling.  I pulled a bit of garland up from the fray to fill up the top of the tree, and threw a strand of bells in too.

This isn’t a complicated craft, but I like the final result, and I’m glad that I won’t be tempted to fill that jar with candy!

Voila, twinkling at night and just as festive during the day with the lights turned off.  Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?


2 thoughts on “Wrangling Tinsel in the Name of Christmas

  1. Oh my goodness. I picked up one of these containers at Walmart yesterday, thinking, “What could I do with this?” It was on clearance, too! Maybe they still have some…


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