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City Sights: Gold Rush Walking Tour

My parents recently went on a Tour of Homes to see Christmas decorations in AL; jealous, I started looking for something similar in San Francisco.   Well, one click led to another, and after researching a few $20 and $40 walking tours, I found a whole slew of walking tours all over the city… for free!

SF City Guides is an organization originally started by the SF Public Library to operate a tour of City Hall; now, they have 70 different tours throughout the city, operating over 350 days of the year, with approximately 300 volunteer guides.  All guides are on a volunteer basis, and the tours are free, although donations are welcome.

Sam and I decided on a whim to try out the Gold Rush walking tour in the Financial District at 2 PM last Sunday.  We were the first to show up, but by 2 PM there were about 15 other people.

The guide was knowledgable, with lots of interesting stories and historical facts to share.  I love wandering the city, finding out tidbits of background information I never would have known existed.

My favorite fact of the day: much of the Financial District used to be under water.  Land was created by piling up trash and rocks from the hills; because of this, there are a ton of buried ships under the buildings!

Here are some city sights from our day and the Gold Rush walking tour:

Outdoor ice skating rink at the Embarcadero Center
The TransAmerica building
Twinkly redwoods in the public space by the TransAmerica building
First U.S. Mint
Old and New Architecture
A face... startled me the first time I noticed it!
Only street purposefully created with a clear view of the Ferry Building clock tower
Portsmouth Square in Chinatown... lots of groups gambling and playing mahjong
Portsmouth Square
Mahjong in Portsmouth Square
Scientology building
I love finding faces in the window architecture

More City Sights Soon!

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