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Wonky Flying Geese Christmas Tree Ornaments

I’m running out of time to share all of the holiday projects I’ve been working on recently!  Since it’s the last weekend before Christmas, I’m sharing another ornament that I’ve made for the tree.  These ornaments were actually meant to be sent off as gifts a couple weeks ago… but I’ve procrastinated too much!  Oops…

Today: Flying Geese Christmas trees!


Remember my No-Waste Flying Geese?  Even though it was only November, I was using holiday fabric leftover from another project to make ornaments.  (Once upon a time I was working on a quilted tree skirt… it still hasn’t made it out of the UFO bin.)

I looked all over the internet for making trees out of flying geese, but I couldn’t find a tutorial or even an example anywhere.  So, I decided to figure it out for myself; because of that, I’m happily calling these wonky trees.  AKA, imperfect and crooked, on purpose. (wink, wink)  No precision necessary here!


  • four kinds of fabric scraps: green for the tree, red for the background, brown for the trunk, and another of your choice for the back
  • polyfill stuffing
  • ribbon for hanging
  • sewing machine plus needle and thread to hand stitch at the end

Below, a quick explanation:

  1. Start with flying geese, of all sizes.  (My tutorial to make four no-waste geese here)
  2. Sew pairs of similar-sized geese together, facing in one direction.
  3. Create a tree trunk by sewing three strips of fabric together–brown in the middle of two background colors.

    Cut into thirds, and sew one trunk to the bottom of a pair of trees.
  4. Press blocks open.
  5. All my little trees in a row

    Now your tree block is complete!

    Don’t worry if the blocks are wonky, it will all even out in the end.

  6. Cut background fabrics to rectangles approximately the same size of your completed tree block.
  7. Sew tree block and square back with right sides together.

    For this step, there are two things to remember– (1) leave an opening of an inch or so at the bottom, and (2)  tuck the ribbon inside the ornament at the top and pin it in place so it’s attached as the fabrics are sewn together.

    right sides together, with ribbon pinned on the inside

    Sewn together, with an inch left in the bottom right corner, before turning
  8. Turn the ornament inside out, and stuff with polyfill stuffing.
    Turned right sides out--poke the corners out with a knitting needle or pen

    Play with the amount to get the right feeling–you want it to be puffy, but not as stuffed as a pillow.

  9.  Slip stitch the opening closed.  (I learned how to slip stitch when I made the Birds of Peace ornaments–I used this tutorial to learn how.)
The mini-est of the trees
the back of the ornament

Voila!  Wonky Flying Geese Christmas Tree ornaments!

I’ve completed seven but there are about twenty more to go… not sure why I went so wild with the geese, but I did!  I’ve finished the tiny trees, and now I’m working on the medium to large ornaments… so I’m still stuffing and slip-stitching away, but I wanted to share the few that I did complete!

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