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Space-Saving Card Display

One of my favorite parts about the Christmas season is the cards!  I love making a photo card each year (except when I make a major oops) to send out to friends and family, and I love receiving cards too!  I’ve never been able to write a letter–it’s too intimidating to try to sum up the year in a few paragraphs–but I love getting a glimpse into the lives of friends and family through their cards or letters.

I usually line up all our cards on the mantel, tucked among the garland and decorations.


But this year… no mantel!  So I’ve come up with another solution.  Remember our lighted garland hung around the doorway between the living room and kitchen?

Now it’s our Christmas card display!  As each card comes in the mail, I clip it to the garland with a clothespin or paperclip.

It works for us!

Now that it’s mid-December, the garland is starting to fill up.


I love this time of year, surrounded by old and new traditions.


3 thoughts on “Space-Saving Card Display

  1. We have wooden valances in our living room, which I used to drap garland on at Christmas. One year I hung our cards from it – I used a hole punch to put a hole in the corner of each card then hooked a semi-straightened paper clip through the hole & hung the other part of the paper clip on the garland. I loved it – then I got one of those Christmas card holders during the after-Christmas sales & have never hung the cards again…


    1. That is such a great idea, to punch holes in the cards! All my paperclips are mangled now, from being bent out of shape to hold the card to the garland. I’m doing that next year, for sure!


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