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A Mississippi Christmas

Sam and I are packed and ready to go–when this post is published, we’ll be in the air flying from California to Mississippi.  I am so excited to be going back to Southern soil for Christmas!

We’ll be spending a week with Sam’s family in MS, visiting with friends and old co-workers, and enjoying time hanging out and eating good food with family.  I’ve been planning and packing for days: our mail is being held, every room is clean, we bought all the necessary supplies for the arrival of our long-lost kitty cats, our presents to each other are wrapped and waiting for our return.  I’m just giddy with excitement!

While we’re gone, I’ve scheduled blog posts for each day–with all the time that I have during my unemployment, I’ve been getting into all kinds of Christmas spirit!  I didn’t want to cram it all in before today, so don’t worry–you can enjoy a steady pace of holiday cheer here at The Amateur Librarian in my absence 🙂

Speaking of which–how cheery are these colorful snowflakes?

I got the idea from this post on CraftZine’s website.  Instead of using junk mail, I used the pages from a Sunset magazine I had just finished reading–I love how you can see the pictures of holiday food in most of them!

My favorite part is opening up the folds to see the new snowflake!

I had a little too much fun snipping one afternoon–and when I had a table full of mess, I stapled my snowflakes side by side in a garland, and taped them up in our hallway.

Happy holidays!


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