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Last-Minute Greeting Card Ornament

To prepare for our visit to Mississippi–and afterwards, the triumphant arrival of our two kitties–I cleaned up all my craft supplies and packed everything away.  Sewing machine in its case, craft table folded up and under the couch with the cutting mat, scraps from finished projects sorted or thrown away, and everything put in its place.

There was just one pile left to deal with–the stack of Get Well cards that have accumulated over the last few months.  It seems so callous to throw them away, with all the good thoughts and sweet words that people took time out of their day to send my way… but I can’t keep them forever, either.

I spent a good twenty minutes looking through each card, re-reading every one, and keeping a few.  I took the stack to the trash chute, opened the lid… and couldn’t throw them away.  It was such a war in my head between my practicality and my sentimentality!  Finally, I decided to make a few quick ornaments to remember a couple cards… and then I didn’t feel so guilty recycling the rest!

This isn’t even a how-to… all I did was trace a roll of scotch tape on the card, cut out the circle, punched a hole in the top, and added a ribbon.

Now I’ll always remember that stack of cards from family and friends 🙂


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