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WIWW January 1-7, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday comes to The Amateur Librarian!

I’ve long seen this post on some of my favorite blogs, but I never thought I’d join in… until I became addicted to #fashiondiaries on Instagram!  If you follow me on Twitter, or if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed the inundation of Instagram links.

Sam thinks I’m crazy to share what I’m eating for breakfast, but it’s completely addicting to document little moments of each day… because life is made up of the little stuff, right?  While I’ve been unemployed, I’ve really come to understand how important it is to appreciate the little things that bring you joy, instead of focusing on what isn’t happening or what isn’t going the way you thought it would.

Don’t worry, I won’t ramble on like this every Wednesday, but I will start sharing my Fashion Diaries each week!  The point isn’t to show off my clothes (I mostly bargain hunt and find things on eBay, anyway), but just to document a simple part of life… What I Wore!

January 1: Honoring my Grandma at the visitation

Black flowered shirt // Belk
Black cardigan // Ann Taylor Loft
Black heels // too old to remember
Black slacks // too old to remember

January 2: After the funeral, Family Time

Grey pleated shirt // Anthropologie
Snowflake open front cardigan // eBay
Skinnies // Old Navy
Silver flats // PayLess

January 3: Cold weather for the drive back to my parents' house in AL

Red cable knit sweater // JC Penny’s
Grey wool jacket // Old Navy
Skinnies // Old Navy
Silver flats // PayLess

January 4: Back on the road, driving to the airport & flying back to SF

Navy v-neck // Ann Taylor Loft
Grey and black scarf // eBay
Snowflake open front cardigan // eBay
Bootcut jeans // too old to remember
Slip-on walking shoes // European shoe store in Starkville, MS

January 5: Unpacking & catching up at home

Blue print t-shirt dress // Goody’s
Black leggings // Wal-Mart
Black flats // PayLess

January 6: Cozy Friday

Green striped tee // Gap
Snowflake open front cardigan // eBay
Blue flowered scarf // eBay
Abercrombie and Fitch grey jeans // eBay
Silver flats // PayLess

January 7: Ready for an adventure, completing my first online photography class homework assignment!

Pink sweater // too old to remember
Striped cardigan // eBay
Fish necklace // Etsy
Black boots // Belk

I hope you like the new feature… next Wednesday, more fashion diaries!  If you take part in WIWW too, leave a link in the comments!

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