Craft Chat

Embracing Failure

Sometimes I am too afraid to attempt something new for fear I’ll mess it up.  And sometimes I mess up something I’ve done a thousand times before.  In these first few weeks of 2012, I’m trying to care less about perfection and care more about the joy of the process.

Remember this scarf I started another lifetime ago… in January of 2011?

Neither did I, until I bought some new yarn for a new scarf and discovered that I never finished this one.  I felt bad for the lonesome little scarf, forlorn in my craft box, crammed under a bunch of half-finished projects that made the move to San Francisco.

So I started knitting and purling along, until several inches later I realized I had made a big fat mess.

Rather than pull out my stitches, I decided to make my mess into a “design element.”

I had 15 inches of ribbing and 3 inches of garter stitch (that’s what I’m kindly calling it), so I added 15 more inches of ribbing, 3 inches of garter stitch, 15 more inches of ribbing, and the scarf is done!

Not too bad… I’ll be wearing this scarf as the winds pick up in SF, and the process of knitting felt soothing and productive during marathons of tv shows, movies, Christmas music, and sitting on the couch with Sam before our holiday travelling commenced.  I’ve spent a lot of time with myself these past few months, healing from surgery and getting used to a new city far away from friends and family.  As the new year gets rolling, and new experiences and opportunities are opening up all around me, I’m trying to embrace my mistakes as part of the process.

This is what I think of 2011!

Cheers to 2012!

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