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Mississippi Moments: Cats

Once upon a time, it was 2011.  The holiday season was upon us.  Sam and I had grand plans: travelling to MS to visit his family for Christmas, flying back to SF to celebrate Sam’s 25th birthday, then welcoming my brother to SF to celebrate the New Year and a few days of fun.  Plans changed, as they are wont to do, and we didn’t get to celebrate Sam’s birthday or the new year like we had planned, but everything worked out in the end.  But!  Before the days rush on, I still have pictures and memories from our Mississippi Christmas that I want to share–even if happened long, long ago in a land far, far away!

A Mississippi Moment: Cats

Sam’s grandparents own a haven of a house for cats.  Cats sleep on every surface, lurk in every corner, and each one has its own schedule and agenda.  I tried to snap a pic of every cat during our visit, and I think I succeeded… with a heavy bias toward Cora and Tali, of course!

Like true cat people, Sam’s family never seeks out a new cat… the cats find them!  The most recent additions were all named for the parking lots in which they were found:

Wal-Mart, nicknamed Wally, is the king of the house… his throne being the big central chair in the family room.

Little Brown Cat, cat of many names… originally Harvey, a local restaurant where she was found, but then everyone discovered she was a girl… and her name has been disputed ever since.

First, she sat in the box.
Then she slept in the box.

Chevron, nicknamed Chevy… friendly but not too smart, he is now housebound after a dog attack a few months back and more recently a 4-day hiatus that he was still recovering from during our visit.

Georgia even came to visit, although she terrorized Cora and then hid under the Christmas tree when it was time to go back to her home.  It was quite the ordeal to lure her out!

And of course, Cora and Tali!

Cora's Favorite Person in the background

We were so impressed that both cats came running into the room when they heard our voices.

Tali didn’t leave our sides all night, although after the initial greeting Cora kept her distance.

She lashed out and scratched us the first night or two, but she always lurked nearby and warmed up to us again eventually.

I didn’t expect anything less from our darling Cora.

I guess I wasn’t quite as successful as I thought, because now I realize that I left out Gracie, and there were a couple others who are outdoor-only cats that they’ve spayed and feed.

A house full of cats is my kind of home!

Tali says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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