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Mississippi Moments: Family Food

Once upon a time, it was 2011.  The holiday season was upon us.  Sam and I had grand plans: travelling to MS to visit his family for Christmas, flying back to SF to celebrate Sam’s 25th birthday, then welcoming my brother to SF to celebrate the New Year and a few days of fun.  Plans changed, as they are wont to do, and we didn’t get to celebrate Sam’s birthday or the new year like we had planned, but everything worked out in the end.  But!  Before the days rush on, I still have pictures and memories from our Mississippi Christmas that I want to share–even if happened long, long ago in a land far, far away!

A Mississippi Moment: Family Food

One of my favorite parts about joining Sam’s family is that there is always something happening–with so many aunts, cousins, siblings, and family around, it’s always a bustling place!

There’s always good food, too.  Every family has their own food traditions, and I’ve only been around for a few years’ worth of holidays, but I love Sam’s family dishes that my own family never makes.

Every morning seems to start with dollar pancakes on the griddle, made by Sam’s Grandfather.

The first day we spent in MS, Sam’s sister and cousin brought out the cookie cutters, rolled out the cookie dough, and baked several batches of sugar cookies.

Icing was added,

but I met some old coworkers for lunch and had to leave before I could taste them!

Christmas day was all about the food–after church in the morning, the dishes started accumulating in the kitchen and dining room.  The day before, I helped my sister-in-law Jamie make bacon-wrapped green beans, one of my favorite dishes:

All the family favorites were there for the big meal in mid-afternoon–mac & cheese, stuffing, ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, and my personal favorite–a cheesy cornflake potato casserole.  I saw a recipe on pinterest that looked similar, but I just can’t make it by myself all alone in SF–it just isn’t the same without Sam’s family crowded around on a holiday!

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