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Mississippi Moments: Gifts

Once upon a time, it was 2011.  The holiday season was upon us.  Sam and I had grand plans: travelling to MS to visit his family for Christmas, flying back to SF to celebrate Sam’s 25th birthday, then welcoming my brother to SF to celebrate the New Year and a few days of fun.  Plans changed, as they are wont to do, and we didn’t get to celebrate Sam’s birthday or the new year like we had planned, but everything worked out in the end.  But!  Before the days rush on, I still have pictures and memories from our Mississippi Christmas that I want to share–even if happened long, long ago in a land far, far away!

A Mississippi Moment: Gifts

I’m sure it was different when Sam’s siblings and cousins were younger, but because I joined the family as the young folk were already growing up, Christmas day was much more about gathering together and eating good food than about getting presents.  (We even spent a few hours playing kinnect games–but don’t worry, I won’t post those pics on the internet!)  I love how Sam’s family celebrates Christmas.

But of course, there were some presents too!

I went shopping at Fisherman’s Wharf for presents this year…

but a few days after my shopping spree, I realized that you can find interesting and quirky gifts in Chinatown for half the price.  Lesson learned for next year, but it was fun to shop anyway!

For the girls: Scarves
For the boys: Angry Bird hats, and (not pictured) candy from Chinatown

We also received a few special gifts–ornaments!  They know me too well!

Mississippi ornament

And a Coca-Cola ball to add to our collection!

Can I call it a collection if I only have three?  I think so!

Cora, of course, was especially helpful when wrapping gifts.  As usual!


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