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Reading Log: January 2012

It’s time for another monthly update on my Reading Log!

So here’s my Reading Log for January 2012, with my thoughts about each book to help me remember what I read.  I’ve included all the books that I’ve read or finished during the month of November, even if I started some of them outside of this month.  Also, I like to give a rating to each book I read and I like to keep track of the binding of the book, don’t ask me why.
HB = Hardback, PB = Paperback, AB = Audio book, K = Kindle.

Word for word, straight from my diary:

Title Start Finish Thoughts Grade Format
The Princess and the Goblin,
by George MacDonald
1/1/12 1/4/12 Classic fairy tale excellently written, with princesses and goblins and magic and roses of fire and adventure.  Really enjoyed reading this story, old-fashioned in the best kind of way. A+ K
The Princess and Curdie,
by George MacDonald
1/4/12 Still Reading K
Adam’s Navel: A Natural and Cultural History of the Human Form,
by Michael Sims
1/5/12 1/28/12 The title says it all–a tour of the human body, explaining the evolutionary and cultural process along the way.  Interesting stuff, although I wasn’t completely engrossed.  I like adding nonfiction into my usual reading habits. B+ HB
Magic for Marigold,
by L.M. Montgomery
1/20/12 1/29/12 I’ve read all of LM Montgomery’s novels but 2–and now only one after reading about Marigold.  Excellent storytelling, as always, although this plot seemed a bit childish compared to some of her other novels.  The plot picked up around halfway through, but the main character never aged past 12.  Although Montgomery’s side remarks about religious foibles are usually funny, they seemed a bit dated this time around. B+ PB
The Psychology of Harry Potter: An Unauthorized Explanation of the Boy Who Lived,
edited by Neil Mulholland, PhD
1/28/12 Still Reading PB

So that’s what I’ve been reading during the month of January.  Anyone else reading a good book?

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