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Crazy Quilt Beginnings

Exciting things are starting to happen around here, but everything’s up in the air so I don’t feel like I can say anything about it yet… with all this nervous energy, I needed another project to focus on and calm my nerves. Crazy Shortcut Quilts, by Marguerita McManus and Sarah Raffuse, was one of the… Continue reading Crazy Quilt Beginnings

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Embracing Failure

Sometimes I am too afraid to attempt something new for fear I’ll mess it up.  And sometimes I mess up something I’ve done a thousand times before.  In these first few weeks of 2012, I’m trying to care less about perfection and care more about the joy of the process. Remember this scarf I started… Continue reading Embracing Failure

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New Year, New Planner

Buying a new planner is one of my favorite parts of the new year! At the end of every year, I like to take the time to read through the past year’s planner, noting all those little details that I’d forgotten already: doctor appointments, movies, dinners with friends, parties, school events… all those little events… Continue reading New Year, New Planner

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Reading Log: December 2011

I’m still playing catch-up around here, but I didn’t want to leave out my December Reading Log.  There have been so many distracting things going on during the month of December that my reading definitely slowed down as a result.  You could say the same of the entire year of 2011!  I got to catch… Continue reading Reading Log: December 2011