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It’s Valentine Season!

It’s Valentine Season!

I spent the weekend making valentines and decorating a bit to get in the spirit… can you tell I have too much time on my hands?

First up, a garland for the hallway.

You may remember the paper heart chain I made last year:

I found a similar pin on pinterest, using scrapbook paper to make nesting hearts.

I used the pics from this post as inspiration

All you need is some paper and a stapler.

Cut strips of a few different lengths; start with the shortest strip and layer pairs of strips on either side, longest to shortest; then staple away!

I cut up about three pieces of construction paper and a paper doily, and went to town making hearts.


I punched holes in the shortest strip to create hangers for the garland.

Then I made some woven hearts to add to the garland, using construction paper and another paper doily.

I used this blog post tutorial for a refresher… does anyone else remember making these in school?  I love how weaving the hearts together also creates a little pocket for candy or valentines.

I stapled a short strip of paper to each woven heart, punched a hole, and strung the hearts on a red ribbon.

Happy Hearts!

I had some leftover strips of paper, so I made a few heart chains to scatter around the apartment and add to the valentine spirit.

Hearts hanging out with the books
Hearts hanging out with my makeup
Hearts hanging out by the bedside table

Tune in for valentines every day leading up to Valentine’s Day!

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