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My Valentine

I’m not trying to brag or anything, but Valentine’s Day was a pretty great day for me.  Before you start rolling your eyes, I’m going to play my trump card: after being sick and housebound and lonely for so many months, I deserve a happy Valentine’s Day!


Actually, that’s one reason I’ve been in a good mood lately–I am officially NOT SICK anymore.  The Crohn’s Disease is in remission, courtesy of last week’s colonoscopy!  I’m feeling healthy and energetic these days, which is actually making my unemployment more restless; but if I’m antsy because I’m healthy, then that’s ok by me!  I’m still monitoring my health, of course, but the future is looking bright and for now everything is under control.

My valentine really made my day special.  We’ve never been big on celebrating holidays with cheesy gifts and expensive dates, but this Valentine’s Day was the perfect blend of ordinary and special.

It started like any other Tuesday, with Sam going off to work and me… well, doing my unemployment thing.  Eating and washing dishes, mainly.  Around 11 AM, there was a buzz at the gate and a package… chocolate covered strawberries from Sam!


And a sweet message… he was coming home from work early!

I was actually Skype-ing with a friend when Sam came home, so the three of us talked a bit more, and our day only got better from there.

First, a bit of a backstory–four months after we were married, Sam lost his wedding ring on a plane, and that was almost 3 years ago.  We never even got a picture of us wearing our wedding rings on our wedding day, so we barely remember what his ring looked like or what we had inscribed on the inside. (I know, so unromantic!)  So don’t you think it would be a perfect Valentine gift to replace Sam’s wedding band?

It would… if it fit correctly.

Complete rookie mistake–I bought a ring sizer a few months ago, because we’ve been intending to buy a replacement ever since he lost it, but when I said “Measure your ring finger,” neither one of us paid attention to make sure he was measuring his left ring finger.

Who knew your right and left fingers were different sizes??  Probably everybody but us.

Oh well, we finally got that pic, even if the ring has to be resized!

It was a good day for chocolate.

In addition to the chocolate covered strawberries, I also made Brownie Surprise Bites from a recipe in Food Network magazine.  I’d never made brownies from scratch before, but it was easy–spoon the mixture into a mini muffin tin, and the “surprise” is a junior mint in the middle of each.

Sam doesn’t like surprises, especially of the mint variety, so I made plain Brownie Bites for him.

Twelve for me, six for him–that sounds about equal, right?

Our present to each other was a comedy show at a club not too far away.

We walked there, passing all the fancy crowded restaurants and strolling down the middle of crooked Lombard street, admiring the houses and the nighttime cityscape.  In case you’re starting to feel this is getting too sickly sweet, I’m reminding you of my trump card again–because a few months ago, walking a mile on a cool night would have me shivering and exhausted.  I was underweight, anemic, and lethargic; but on Tuesday night, the walk was energizing and romantic and another adventure.

The show was funny, although we wished they had more substantial appetizers–there was a two-drink minimum, and our dinner consisted of garlic fries and an olive bowl.  We laughed for hours, and were quite ready for a cab ride home at 10 PM!

So, my Valentine’s Day was pretty perfect: a surprise package in the mail, Sam coming home early, chocolate treats, a comedy club show, and a sweet night reminiscing about our happiest moments together.  I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day too 🙂

Now, guess what I’m having for a snack today….

2 thoughts on “My Valentine

  1. Andy left his wedding ring at my parents’ house when we were there for Christmas, and I didn’t even noticed until weeks later when I was picking on him about whether he was going to wear it on a trip or not! I thought his having a ring was a really big deal to me, but I guess I’m realizing it’s not. 🙂

    I’m so glad you had such a nice Valentine’s Day, and so excited that your disease is in remission! What a combo of good news.


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