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Hanging Out with My Books

I don’t have much display space in our teeny tiny little apartment.  And by “space” I’m not talking about gallery walls or vast built-in bookshelves; I mean there is no spare space at all to display even a measly picture frame.  There are no window sills, no room for side tables, no ledges or mantels, or any space that would naturally lend itself to displaying a knickknack or two.  So I find that the furniture plays a lot of double duty; a plant sits on top of the dvd storage, a wedding portrait sits beside the bin of office supplies, the narrow kitchen window sill is just wide enough for a decorative salt-and-pepper shaker set.

The bookshelves in our bedroom have become hang-out central for the knickknacks I just can’t bear to store in a box; I need them in sight!  I was taking down the Valentine decorations last week, so I decided to snap a few pictures while I was at it, to show you who hangs out with our books.

This little guy was given to me by a friend, an unexpected surprise in the mail, and he hangs out with the Valentine garland.

The Willow couple hangs out over here, admiring our favorite paperbacks.

Our funky shark picture from Destin hangs out on the top shelf, giving Anne of Green Gables the creeps.

These kitty bookends belonged to my Grandma, and now they preside atop my craft books.

This shelf holds my teeny tiny picture frames and a few sibling snapshots.

The newest addition is this framed catalog card–made by my Grandma’s co-workers when she retired.  When the family came across this, at first we thought she had written a book!  Later, we realized the card was commemorative.

Gotta love the librarian humor 🙂

I love being surrounded by a few little things that remind me of people I love.  Hanging out on my bookshelf is a fun place to be!

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