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Today’s Lunch is Brought to You by a Blog

I make breakfast and lunch every day of the week–the way I figure it, if I’m not employed at the moment, then there’s no need to spend money on something I can provide myself for much cheaper!

I like a hot lunch.  I’m really just not a sandwich person. (Did anyone watch season 7 of Food Network Star, when the Sandwich Guy won?  I just didn’t get the appeal, the whole season… sandwiches?  Really? Ok, side rant over.)

My favorite meal for lunch is soup–I’ll make a batch, freeze leftovers as individual portions, and eat for a week.  Usually a rotation of potato chowder, chicken and rice soup, and broccoli-cheese soup.

And what goes better with soup than a bit of bread for dipping?  I can make that too!

Today’s lunch is brought to you from the blogosphere.

Broccoli-Cheese Soup, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman, and fresh cornbread, courtesy of The Tipsy Baker‘s book Make the Bread, Buy the Butter.

What would I do without the blog world??

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