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Hanging Hand Towels

I made these cute hanging hand towels at the request of my mama–she has one with a crocheted top, but it hasn’t worn well in the wash.  I found a great tutorial online, with step-by-step pictures of the process and a printable pdf for the handle template.

I had two towels on hand by coincidence, as part of a surprise package from my Aunt Phyllis; they were originally intended to be decorated with buttons and ric-rac, until I needed them for this project.

All you need to make two hanging towels is two pieces of 7″ x 12″ coordinating fabrics, one hand towel, and a button or velcro for the closure.

I chose coordinating fabrics from my stash and followed the tutorial, with two exceptions: I didn’t use a piece of flannel in the middle, and I added velcro strips instead of a button.  But sewing the velcro on  the handle left an ugly X, so I added a decorative button on top.

These were a fun and quick project–I put together these four in a couple hours, spread out over a day or two.  I like how they turned out, and I’ve heard good reviews from my mama!

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