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Tension Trouble

THUD is never a good sound late at night.  But when it’s happened five times before, and you know it’s because the curtain rod has fallen down AGAIN, it’s easier to sigh and roll over and deal with it in the morning.  That would be a mistake, if you own a cat who is still mad at you for flying her across the country and likes to punish you by leaving stinky “presents” in unexpected places… like your newly-fallen curtain.

The front window, right by the only entrance to our apartment, has been an eyesore since Day One.  It’s cracked and grimy, and the best idea my Mom ever had was to buy a single curtain panel and a tension rod to cover it up.

But it’s still a problem area.  Two tension rods have fallen and broken multiple times, and we thought we’d finally figured out a solution by adhering stick-on hooks on either side of the frame and resting a thin curtain rod between them…. but then that fell to the ground too.  Fortunately, Cora’s “present” was washed out easily, and Cora has since forgiven us and is using her litter box like a good little kitty, but a few weeks ago… well, she took any chance she could to let us know she was not pleased with the move.

I think the problem with the tension rod is that moisture gets inside from the cracks in the glass, and probably from the bathroom when we take showers since there’s little ventilation… so neither tension nor adhesive can hold a rod up for long.

Per our lease, we’re not supposed to use screws on the plaster walls… but I decided that this qualifies as an emergency, so I am entirely prepared to spackle every hole created for the sake of covering up that window!

Two hooks, with two screws each, was all it took!

In the living room, away from moisture and condensation, we used the apartment-friendly approach: two 3M adhesive hooks on either side of the window frame, and voila!

Instant no-holes-in-the-wall curtains!

Our living room doesn’t have any overhead lighting, so it’s much darker with no natural lighting, but very cozy now!  And the kitties love it when we open the curtains and they can peer out the window.

Now there’s no glare on the TV, and the added insulation will definitely help keep the heat in or out, depending on the season!  Curtains… what a novel idea!  I’m not sure why it took us so long to get on the curtain bandwagon, but I’m amazed at the difference it makes… curtains, who knew?!

Plus, I like how they look–a good thing, since apparently I wasn’t too observant when I ordered them online, because I had no idea the slate-blue curtains had brown embroidered circles all over them!  A lucky mistake 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tension Trouble

  1. Andy and I didn’t have curtains in our bedroom for several months, but when I finally got over my fear of choosing the right size and style, we bought some really basic ones that do the trick! They really make a huge difference as far as insulation and light blocking.


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