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Words of Comfort: Blast from the Past

I’ve received such an outpouring of love and support from family and friends during this time of illness, surgery, and healing.

Thank you everyone who thought of me–and as the cards have piled up, I’ve wanted to express my gratitude in some way.  I know you’re not supposed to send thank-you notes for a get-well card, but it’s been hard to resist!  So this is my thank-you for all the sweet cards that have come my way–a few posts about some of my favorite kinds of get-well cards.  I won’t mention any names on the internet, but if you recognize your card feel free to leave a comment!

Today: a Blast from my Past

This card was sent a few months ago, but I’ve had it sitting beside my craft table because I can’t help but look at it often.

A family friend from the church we used to attend in AL gathered church members to leave a note of encouragement on this card.  So many sweet people, so many memories of the adults from my childhood!

The front of the card features a picture of the quilt block I “created” with the help of some talented sewers from the church.

Each child in our small Religious Education class had their very own block to put together, and then it was sewn by adults and fashioned into a quilt that hung up in our church for many years–it may still be there today, I’m not sure.

In 1993, for some meta reason, at age 6 I wanted my block to represent the entire quilt…   I think I really just wanted as many different fabrics and buttons as I could manage to squeeze in!

What a delightful forgotten memory on the front of this card, as well as on the inside–the love of so many influential adults in my life.  I keep it close as inspiration.

And my early obsession with fabric, buttons, and quilts–telling of the future, don’t you think?

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