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Meow Monday: Room and Board

Meal time has become a big deal around here.  We used to fill the food bowl as it emptied, so the cats constantly grazed throughout the day.  Since visiting the vet with Tali a couple months ago, we’ve been trying to help them lose the extra pounds they’ve gained from becoming indoor-only cats.  (Who am I kidding?  Cora’s always had a pooch, even when she was a tree climber, and the vet diplomatically called Tali “very round.”  So round, she couldn’t even feel her bladder to see if it was inflamed.  Oops.)

Which means: meal times are twice a day, 1/2 a cup of kibble at a time.  (Sometimes, when I’m out of inspiration for my own meals, I wish we had human kibble.  No decisions necessary, just pour some kibble and you’ll be instantly full.  Plus, kibble is a fun word.)  We still give them wet food as a treat once a week, but when we do we only feed them dry food once for that day.

This has been a shocking change for Tali.  She becomes frantic at meal times.  She is not an agressive cat at all, but she becomes aggressively affectionate in the mornings, purring and meowing and nuzzling like crazy.  It would be cute… if I weren’t trying to sleep.

Tali in a feeding frenzy, sorry for the blur

She becomes so excited when you pour the food from the bag that she sticks her face into the bowl, letting the food pour on top of her head!  She tries to crawl under or over the kitchen cart shelves to get to the food faster.

Her eye became infected after the stress of moving, so we have to put medicine under her eyes when it flares up.  Which she hates, of course.  Recently we came up with the brilliant idea of applying the medicine before we feed her, since she’s more likely to let us pick her up and then she’s instantly rewarded with food.  It’s worked pretty well so far, and Sam is very proud of himself for thinking of the strategy!

Cora is above the groveling, but she doesn’t mind finding interesting ways to get to more water.

A full bowl doesn’t cut it, she prefers the bath tub and any sink she can twist her little head around to catch a few drops.  She’s a weird one, for sure!

3 thoughts on “Meow Monday: Room and Board

  1. Hahaha! I love stories of not-so-patient pets. This is adorable, and I hope (for both your and her sake!) that it works. I know we have some friends who attempted to do the same thing – and unfortunately all that happened was no weight loss and a crabby cat. Until they discovered a magical thing: a time food dispenser. Have you ever seen them? I didn’t believe it until I did – and then I still kind of thought they were crazy. Until they told me how of their cat’s wrath ended up being directed at the dispenser, instead of them. Which = better sleep. (I’m all for it now!)


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